Your Message Matters.
I'll Help You Write It.

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You’ve got a message you care deeply about.

You know the time to bring it to the world is now.

You also know your success as a thought leader, a speaker or writer, starts when you can organize and present what you have to teach in a voice that is clear, compelling, magnetic, and absolutely your own.

You’ve tried to write, spent hours at it, only to be frustrated by reading it afterward.  All that time, gone, and still your message is muddled and your voice sounds like someone else’s.

You’re confounded by your content; it’s either not enough or too much. And, while we’re being totally honest, admit it, the sheer number of choices writers make is baffling to you. You set out to get clear and you’re more confused than ever.

You know you’ve got to write. But you question where you’ll find the time, the inclination, the right words to say, the story that will sell.

That’s where I come in…



I work with creative professionals to write compelling copy, signature speeches, and brand-building books that sell because they’re sensitive, smart, business savvy, and true to voice.

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Your message matters. I'll help you write it.

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The Clementina Collective

  • Clementina: Like the orange, with an A.
    Pronounced: Clem/en/teena.
  • Collective: a word that describes more than one person acting together.
  • Your message matters.
  • I'll help you write it.

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