I work with creative professionals to write compelling copy, signature speeches, and brand building books that sell because they’re smart, sensitive, business savvy, and true to voice.

I eat, breathe, and sleep your content.

I love a good deadline, loathe a rush job, and I won’t compromise my standards or my commitment to the writing process because you think you can write a book, a signature speech or compelling copy in the blink of an eye.

If that’s what you’re after… I’m not that kind of girl.

I wasn’t raised reading Shakespeare or destined to be a writer; I took it upon myself to become a professional.

Against a sea tide of people who said I should study in a more lucrative field, I earned three degrees in English with concentrations in writing, and became an English professor, because I believe in the power of words to transform our lives for the better.

I’ve taught creative and professional writing at the university level in and around NYC for twenty years, and one of the more remarkable things I’ve learned is this: Lots of people know good writing; few can actually teach it.

I can.

Many of my clients, including the New York Times Bestselling author Michael Port, have said that working with me produced better writing and made them better writers in the process.

Isn’t the freedom to write with confidence what you really want?

Once you’re perceived as an expert and the back of the room book sales have been tallied…once your speaking gigs get you more clients and more book sales…once the traffic to your site converts into opt-ins…isn’t the freedom to self express, and the abundance that comes from the ability to share your thoughts and feelings with the people you’re here to serve what you’re really after?

Connection, community, a higher level of consciousness, love; they all start with the words we choose, how we decide to write them, speak them, and live by them.

I was four years old when I began editing my parent’s words: If only he could say the words that would show her how sensitive he really is…If only she had a better sense of timing, if she could say it this way so he could hear it, understand it…

True story, really!

I wanted the two people I loved most in the world to have smarter, kinder, more generous, more affirmative language.

When they didn’t, I took matters into my own hands; I scripted them myself.  I kept at it for years and, in the process, formed the core belief that better language equals better love and an improved quality of life; it’s how I became who I am.

In my work with thought leaders, I get them to organize, clarify, and edit their content.  I also get them to peel back the thick skin of the orange, so to speak, in service to what’s juicy about their message and authentic about them.

Enough about me, I’m curious about you.

Are you a fiercely practical creative with a writing project you want to get finished and out into the world?  

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