How Do You Break the Rules and Still Bring Down the House? Insights From an Insider at TEDxCambridge

When Tamsen Webster invited me to be a VIP at the Boston Opera House on October 12, 2017 for TEDx Cambridge, I started packing. Tamsen had previously asked me if I’d be interested in weighing in on ...
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Are You a Spiritual Gangster?

My friend, Cheryl, invited me to hang with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while when we ran into each other outside our kids’ school at the end of last winter. When I politely declined, she ...
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The One Word Keeping You From Pulling The Trigger on Your Next Project

A week or two ago, I had a memoir chapter submission due to my writing coaches. A threesome of writers, this particular configuration has been submitting to each other twice a month for about a year. ...
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Feel the Fireworks?

  I grew up in Astoria, Queens; an Italian enclave, just outside New York City, my grandparents lived there too. My paternal grandmother’s brothers and sisters lived down the road apiece, ...
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What Does Your Heart Have To Do With Your Creativity?

I should have suspected that starting a business would be the single-most important creative endeavor of my life to date—second only to gestating, birthing, nursing, and rearing children-- but for ...
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Worried Your Audience Won’t Think Your Funny is Smart?

Ron Tite, award winning writer, creativity, and branding expert, and author of the insightful new book Everyone’s an Artist, took the stage at last year’s Heroic Public Speaking Live admitting he ...
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Are You a Person People Want to Help?

When my business mentor, New York Times bestselling author Michael Port, prompted me to explore this question, my answers led me to the single most important element of myself that I needed to ...
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How to Create Killer Confidence

Killer confidence.   We all want it. On good days, it manifests itself as the feeling that we’re invincible. On more challenging days, we’d be thrilled with good enough. When we’re feeling ...
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On Gratitude

“Be grateful.” It’s what every trending blog-post, business book, and bystander are telling us we need to do to get where we want to go. Want to make more money? Be grateful. Improve a ...
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This image provided by shows a recruitment ad for the tech startup company featuring engineer Isis Anchalee. As of Thursday afternoon, Aug. 6, 2015, more than 75,000 people used the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer to post photos of themselves and promote gender diversity in technology, according to analytics firm Topsy. The campaign started when Anchalee got an avalanche of attention from the ad. ( via AP)

Open Letter to Ms. Wenger #ilooklikeanengineer

October 14, 2015 Ms. Wenger, hello. This August when you started the twitter campaign #Ilooklikeanengineer it kind of set my heart and mind on fire. First, I wrote a blog post I hoped would ...
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