If you’re ready to risk judgment, criticism, and failure so your audiences can be better, learn faster, and become more…If you’re working to open yourself to others and striving for vulnerability to connect to your audience…If you think it’s great that Apple tells us to think different but you’re ready to show us how…then listen to what the brave, generous, smart, sensitive, strong people I’ve had the pleasure to work with have said about me.

“I knew Clementina helped her clients tell their stories but I had no idea how good she was until I asked her to review my work. She is a REAL writer and teacher.

I’ve written 5 bestselling books but Clementina taught me how to be a better writer. Full stop. She deftly points out why something isn’t working and then empowers you with the tools to fix it so that you don’t make the mistake again.

She’s fantastic. After one round of edits from Clementina I have a better book. Thank you Clementina. You’re a major talent.”

Michael Port, NY Times bestselling author of ‘Book Yourself Solid’

“I engaged Clementina Esposito to help me write a keynote address to give to physicians on improving the patient experience. While working on the “big idea” for my speech at Heroic Public Speaking Grad School, Clementina made one alteration which suddenly crystalized the big idea as well as the whole speech, and I knew I had to work with her. I think of myself as a good writer with one book published by Simon & Schuster already under my belt. But I also realized that if you work alone, the best you can be is whatever can accomplish by yourself. Clementina’s insights, suggestions, probing questions and gentle criticisms improved my work immensely—far more than I ever could have done reading and re-reading my draft multiple times by myself. Not only is Clementina an excellent writer and editor, she is also a warm and giving person. She invests herself in your work; she takes it personally. I am already looking forward working with her on my next project.”

Bob Baker. M.D. & Speaker

“Clementina is an incredible woman who has helped me tremendously.

Her work on my script, in service to my big idea and my message, has helped me become the man and speaker I am today.

Thank you, Clementina!”

Yigal Adato, Leadership Coach

“Clementina came highly recommended by my mentor and friend Michael Port, the New York Times Best Seller Author and the creator of Book Yourself Solid® – so I asked her to edit an article I wanted to publish on LinkedIn’s Pulse. English isn’t my first language and, through the years, I’ve worked with numerous editors who’ve made my writing grammatically correct but lost my voice in the process.
I was expecting a back and forth with my writing until I thoroughly explained what I was really trying to say. To my surprise, in one round of revision, Clementina “got” my voice and my message. I was blown away with my own writing! She didn’t kill my voice. Instead, she protected and nurtured it. Like a highly skilled audio engineer who can do wonders with a voice recording…Clementina heard my voice and helped me present it to the world in the beautiful, loud, and clear way I hear it inside myself.”

Ana Melikian, PhD, Mindset Zone Podcast and Director of Education for the Book Yourself Solid® School of Coach Training

“Clementina is a fabulous writing coach.  She’s so good, I trust her with my own work.

Whenever I say to myself, I need a me, I reach out to Clementina.

She’s worked on some pretty impressive projects, and she’s very passionate about the craft, about story.

Ann Sheybani, Writer

“Having worked on the business and marketing side of the AEC industry for over 6 years, I know how highly valued (and rare) is the ability to articulate the ‘technical beauty’ of what engineers have to offer the world. Clementina has this gift. She brings a totally unique experience to engineers in this expression of technical beauty, and will truly make you shine (and look like a million bucks too)!”

JoAnne Wong Henein former employee at NAVFAC, Spirent Communications, and Haseko Construction former executive at Environet, Inc. / Community Planning & Engineering, Inc., current producer & creative consultant at Entre-Up

“Clementina ‘gets’ the shift between technical accuracy and technical communication, without losing the appropriate accuracy. Quite a subtle issue that means bridging two complex areas of knowledge – which she does with professionalism and charm. Moreover, it’s obvious she cares about this, which drives a level of understanding that is rare in technical writing.”

Sean Spence – Coaching / Consultation / Clarity

“Clementina is a copywriting rockstar! She can take your ideas and turn them into a high converting copy. The opt-in conversion rate on my pre-launch pages have easily gone up 50% thanks to her magic.”

Daniel Jordi – CEO & Founder at jordico.com. Former executive at Adecco Information Technology

“Working with Clementina is positively energizing. She showed me new and innovative avenues of exploration in my writing and in my life. Thank you Clementina!”

Jen Maroney – VP, Director, User Experience at Draftfcb

“I worked with Clementina on a bio for About Me. I came away with a bio that very much reflected who I am and what I do. Clementina has a gift. She understood me, she got what I said and what I wrote and was able to distill all that down to a few words. I got clear about what I wanted to convey to prospective clients. The whole time we worked together, I felt a wonderful exchange of energy (as well as ideas and words). She has a very warm and nurturing way about her. I felt as though I was spending time with a dear friend.”

Joan L Garrison – Health & Wellness Consultant

“I have a varied career background—one that can be difficult to explain in a resume. Clementina’s skill was in helping me to put it on the page in a way that was coherent, attractive, and interesting. Even with my background in PR, Clementina was invaluable to me as a guide and a teacher, showing me how to present myself in a resume and, more importantly, in my cover letter for a job application.”

Rachel Horan – Life Coach

“With Clementina’s help, I successfully transitioned from working as a professor in Academia to working as a Principal Scientist for Contrafect. A career move naysayers thought impossible!   In the process, I obtained the job of my dreams,  just about doubled my salary, gained stock options, and–perhaps best of all–halved my commute allowing me to spend two whole hours more every day with my husband and son.

Chiara Indiani – Assistant Professor

“Within a few months of finishing my script with Clementina, I had three amazing speaking events. I enjoyed them before they even started, while I delivered them, and afterward because of the confidence I gained through our work on the script.  Thank you so much for our collaboration, Clementina.  I know the impact of my work is that much stronger because of the love  and creativity you brought to it.”

Domenic Chiarella – Business Coach

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