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Move through your fear.

Master the message

that only you can

share with the world.

Great speakers and writers make it look easy.

Those of us who’ve been practicing these arts know writing and scripting worth its salt takes savvy, skill, and support. We know we need expert feedback to grow.

You could hire someone to ghostwrite but here’s the problem:
When your words are borrowed or bought, if you outsource them entirely, you’ll feel like an imposter. You won’t repeat them. You’ll go silent and hide. You won’t be seen or heard and you certainly won’t attract your tribe or build your brand.

Do yourself a favor: Open a book and read the acknowledgements.

You’ll see, this writing thing, it takes a village.


I give responsive, intelligent, human feedback to every word.

If you want greater agency, authenticity, and authority, if you want access to the truth, if you want to know, like, and trust your own voice—you know the grittier, sexier, smarter, more sophisticated, unabashedly honest one inside you–if you want to, finally, after all these years, tell the imposter syndrome to take a much needed vacation because you got this then you have to do the work.

I can help you create:

  • Copy that communicates who you are, speaks to your audience, and bridges the emotional-intellectual gap.
  • Signature talks that spread valuable ideas, inspire people to take action, and have meeting planners singing your praises.
  • A brand building, self-expressed, book that sells because it’s sensitive, smart, and resonant.

If you’re like many of my clients, you believe creation is collaborative. You’ve let go of the idea that loneliness and shame produce results. You’ve stopped comparing yourself to others.

You’re writing a new story: one that refuses the lie that says that for great speakers and writers it comes easy. You know those folks don’t get dictation from God while you suffer. You know it’s time to do the work.

I’ll help you get your self doubt to step aside while we write to produce the content and story that will deliver your message in a bold way, take your business to the next level, attract ideal clients, and move you into your highest potential.

And, I’ll make you a better writer in the process.

Trusting your writing instinct is hard: Together we can harness the fear of judgment, criticism, and failure to discover your why and leverage it against your fears.

We’ll use the energy you’re fighting to move you into action where you’ll learn to trust your writing instincts and get your message out into the world where it matters most.


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